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What is American Roulette?

Casinos have long been the most fun and entertaining place to hang out with friends. A place where you not only get to play exciting Roulette games. But you also get a chance to win exciting cash prizes on your way back home. Apart from the slot

American Roulette.

The game of roulette first appeared on American Roulette ground at the end of the 18th century. When French immigrants brought it to Louisiana with them. Thus, it comes as no surprise that in many ways the American version follows the layout of the original

Alternate Online Sic Bo betting.

Alternating online Sic Bo betting patterns. That is allow all gamblers to place bets on high-low points. Because of the statistics of the results of the prizes found that there is a chance that the dice. There are often points issued in this way up to 50%. But

Techniques for betting Sic Bo online.

For people who like playing Sic Bo online, it is another form of gambling game that is gaining immense popularity. Hi-Lo is a dice game that must take chances to predict the chances of losing or winning, therefore having equal chances. Therefore, everyone who plays this game

SICBO game type and payout rate.

Online Hi-Lo game or SICBO game is a game that uses 3 dice as a device to play. In which the dice we will see each other until we are already used to it. Because in Thailand there are many to see whether according to various gatherings in movies

What is online Sic Bo or dice game?

Sic Bo online is a gambling game. That has a playing device as a 4-sided dice. Which has 6 sides, each side will have 3 points from 1-6. Then the dealer will put the dice in a plate and use the cover to cover it and

Dragon Tiger formulas.

The current Dragon Tiger card game. There are many Dragon Tiger formulas to choose from. Although betting patterns do not need to be analyzed or counted. For choosing a formula to use will increase the chances of success even more. which is very important Especially choosing to look at

What is Dragon Tiger game?

The method of playing Dragon Tiger game is similar to playing baccarat games. But the Dragon Tiger card game is easy to play. The game ends quickly, it is a game that earns money and loses equally easily 50/50. Because the card game will be dealt a

Analysis of the Dragon Tiger card.

Although Dragon Tiger Online is considered a game. That seems easy to play and doesn’t take long to play each round. But in depth, this game has something to know. Things to notice And techniques for analyzing cards are hidden no less than tips in the game of 3-card