What is online Sic Bo or dice game?

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Sic Bo online is a gambling game. That has a playing device as a 4-sided dice. Which has 6 sides, each side will have 3 points from 1-6. Then the dealer will put the dice in a plate and use the cover to cover it and shake it, the player will stab. The points of the dice that are drawn on the top 3 sides.

By betting on that point There will be many different forms of bets. Playing Hi-Lo will have 3 dice devices, each of which has 6 sides, specifying the numbers 1-6. By specifying the method of playing: The dealer will place the dice in a glass jar and cover it with a cover and shake it. So that players start guessing the dice that will come out on the top 3 sides.

The dealer then rolls all 3 dice on an obvious plate and measure which player guesses the closest. It will be the winner of these playing styles. Causing the current popularity of Sic Bo not only limited to such casinos. But instead meet the needs of players anywhere, anytime. UFABET 

in the form of an online game through make it more comfortable and answer without having to pay in going to play each place only you have internet You can now play Hi-Lo games.