Robinson reveals drinking too much coffee hurts Milan.

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Anthony Robinson the left-back for the United States national team. Revealed that the heart problem that prevented him from joining AC Milan in July 2020 was due to drinking too much coffee.

Robinson was at the time with Wigan in the English second tier. Where Milan led by Paolo Maldini had already agreed to sign him.

Maldini’s contributions, 126 caps for Italy winning the 2006 World Cup. And five Champions League titles with Milan had Robinson excited.

But when Robinson was checking up in Italy. It was found that he had heart problems and his dreams were shattered.

Robinson said.

“I am in the hospital to do the test. and scan the knees and back. “

“They gave me a test on Wattbike and asked me if I had any heart problems.”

“I said ‘no’, but then they sent me to another hospital for an ECG. And when it worked they sent me to the Milan headquarters. My agent was there with Maldini and the Milan executives and I expected to sign.

“But they say ‘We can’t make a deal because there’s something about your heart.’ It was the deadline. UFABET And it will take at least 3 days to find the problem. So they didn’t dare to sign me.

“They talk a lot. But I just sat and looked at the floor and thought. ‘Of course it didn’t happen.

“I have arrhythmias, 5% more is fine, but mine is doubled. It makes my heart grow This means it’s overworked. and have grown in size It might fail if not detected. So the Milan doctor gave me the opportunity to experience something that I didn’t even know about.

Robinson, who is currently 25 years old, returns to England. And had to undergo surgery. But two months later, the UK went into lockdown due to COVID-19 like all over the world. And his appointment had to be postponed.

While he waited, Robinson was told to stop for coffee. and when he finally went to see a doctor at the hospital It made the picture very clear.

“When they do surgery They no longer have abnormal heartbeats,” Robinson said.

“They concluded that my heart was sensitive to caffeine. And I had to stop drinking coffee, then two weeks later I played for the first time in six months against Huddersfield. And it was such a relief.

Robinson has been solid this season, making 20 appearances for Fulham, who sit eighth in the Premier League. Better than both Chelsea and Liverpool.