President of Atletico Madrid reveals the Super League awaits birth.

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Enrique Cerezo admits that no one can prevent the birth of a Super League title. That could launch in the coming years football.

Atletico Madrid president Enrique Cerezo admits. That no one can prevent the advent of the Super League expected to launch in the next few years. From revealing to the program ‘El Chiringuito’ last Sunday. 

‘No one can prevent this new competition. The League will continue in the next few years. It will happen,’ said Cerezo.

Atletico chairman’s comments spark gossip about alliance reform In particular UFABET. The revelation of Barcelona president Joan Laporta claimed that the League project could come true in 2025. Pending a decision on the law of the Bars president believes this judgment will be as important as the verdict in the Boseman case. This allows players to move to a free agency after the end of the contract.

‘this spring We will have a Super League decision for clubs, it will be like Bosman’s decision on the players,’ said Laporta. 

‘If the ruling goes well, the League could be in place by 2025. If it doesn’t. The steps we decide to take will depend on the outcome of the court proceedings. The level of victory will determine what we can do in the Super League’.