Marsh urges Leeds to transform into winning form.

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Leeds boss Jesse Marsh has urged his team to be more winning. After showing good form But the result of the match was reversed by losing 0-1 to Forest football team.

“I feel we are the better team. We are in top form from the start. And we created a lot of chances. But their first chance was a goal.

“We struggled to convert form to result. And we’ve been at this point for a while now. It’s hard for me to accept. It’s disappointing I had to find a way to change that feeling. and find a way to get the results of the competition We think we deserve it.” UFABET 

“We lost a bit of discipline and started running around. We didn’t play as planned as we wanted.

“In general We are striving to get the results we feel we deserve.” Leeds

“Work and determination are good. But from a result point of view it puts a lot of stress around the team. I have to take responsibility for that and I will do it.

“I believe in them. And I believe in character working rate and their quality I had to find a way to make them better.”

“Obviously we know what the table situation is like. What’s so frustrating is letting opponents after team slip away. And We have to change that chapter. We need to be more victorious instead of going down the path of defeat. Basically it’s my responsibility.