For the steps to bet on the Dragon Tiger online are as follows:

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Rules of playing dragon tiger online. There are only a few steps that can be understood in no time. The rules for playing dragon tiger online on every website will have all the same bets rules as follows.

  1. Players must place bets within the time limit. There will be a side to choose to bet on namely Tiger, Dragon and Tie. Will have to wait to place bets in the next round.
  2. After the betting time has expired Will deal 1 card to each side. When dealing cards, cards will be dealt face up on both sides.
  3. win-loss decision Will count points from the face of the card. If either side gets a higher number of points. It will win without drawing any cards add the same as online baccarat UFABET

How to play online Dragon Tiger cards. Including game formulas, Tiger Dragon, formulas, basic playing techniques. All can be see that Dragon Tiger cards are Suitable for people who like games. That quickly decide the outcome. This is different from other card games like blackjack. Which have more complicate playing rules to the card game Dragon Tiger. There will not be an option to bet to win a multiplier prize. Like betting Hi-Lo or roulette wheel. But it is another casino card game that everyone can actually make money from the game.