Can you really reduce your belly by doing “sit-ups”?

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What does doing ” sit-ups really help with? Can it really help you get a belly? And how to reduce the belly effectively? Let’s find out the answer.

Actually, “sit ups ” cannot directly reduce the belly. But it can help strengthen the abdominal muscles. It can only make your stomach look firmer. ยูฟ่าเบท

Belly or belly fat is caused by accumulated fat in the body. Especially in the abdominal area If you want to reduce your belly, it is necessary to reduce the amount of fat in your body overall. This can be done with cardio exercise such as running, swimming, cycling, aerobic dancing, etc., as well as eating nutritious foods and controlling calorie intake appropriately.

Sit-ups are a type of aerobic exercise. But there are fewer calories burned than other cardio exercises. Therefore, they cannot help reduce weight much. In addition, sit-ups also focus on directly exercising the abdominal muscles. which does not directly help burn body fat Therefore, it cannot directly reduce belly fat.

However, sit-ups have other benefits, such as helping to strengthen your core muscles. which helps strengthen the body structure Make a good personality Prevent injuries from other types of exercise. and help with various activities more efficiently

If you want to reduce your belly effectively Therefore, you should exercise regularly with cardio along with eating nutritious foods and controlling your calorie intake appropriately. Additionally, you should get enough sleep. Because not getting enough sleep will have a negative effect on hormones in the body. Makes it easier for the body to accumulate fat

Benefits of doing sit-ups

Sit-ups are a very popular exercise. It will help exercise the abdominal muscles, especially the front abdominal muscles (Rectus abdominis) and the deep abdominal muscles (Obliques), which will help the abdomen look firmer.

In addition, sit-ups help strengthen the core muscles, which consist of the abdominal muscles. lower back muscles and hip muscles The core muscles are important for movement and stability of the body.

There are benefits as follows:

  • Strengthen the abdominal muscles
  • Helps the abdomen look firmer.
  • Strengthen the core muscles of the body.
  • Helps strengthen the body structure Make a good personality
  • Prevent injuries from other types of exercise.
  • Helps to do various activities more efficiently

Doing sit-ups can cause injury if not done correctly, so be sure to follow the instructions correctly and gradually.

Suggestions for doing sit-ups correctly include:

  • Lie on your back on the floor, knees bent, toes and soles of feet flat on the floor.
  • Place your hands crossed on your chest or behind your head.
  • Tighten your abdominal muscles. Lift yourself up slowly. until his chest touches his knees
  • Slowly lower yourself back to the starting position.

You should start by doing sit-ups 10-15 times a day, 3 sets, then gradually increase the number of reps and sets as your body gets stronger.