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Arsenal boss opens up about Son mistake after being drop in Spurs

Arsenal boss opens up about Son mistake. After being dropped in Spurs’ game against Man City. Arsenal Spanish manager Miguel Arteta has revealed. That he has come to terms with a solo moment in Which Tottenham Hotspur striker Son Heung-min’s shot was save by goalkeeper Stefan Ortega. of Manchester City in the league game where the “Golden

Amorim missed out on being the next manager of Liverpool.

Amorim miss out on being the next manager of Liverpool. Leading German media outlet, revealed that the reason Sporting Lisbon coach Ruben Amorim did not move to manage ยูฟ่าเบท Liverpool next season was because the agency demanded a fee. Compensation amount is too high Falk said: “ I know the reason

The dangers of tooth decay.

Tooth decay can occur for many reasons. If left untreated, It may spread to the tooth nerve causing inflammation. and infection of the root tip of the tooth health. It forms pus and penetrates into nearby tissue. It then spreads to affect the swallowing, breathing,

Sweetener Is there any danger?

Although sweetener replace sugar It will be popular for people who want to lose weight. But from the study it was found that Drinks with sweeteners instead of sugar. It doesn’t help you lose weight. Sweeteners play a role in the microbiome in the gut.

Frankfurt interested in loaning Kalaycic from Wolves.

Frankfurt are waiting for Wolves to decide whether to allow big striker Zaza Kalycic. Can I transfer football teams on loan? Kalaicic joined the Premier League club from Stuttgart for a fee of £15 million in the summer of 2022. However, in the debut game with Southampton Instead.